June 2, 2016 - Holland, MI, USA – Tiara Yachts is pleased to announce the promotion of Kelly Slikkers to Director of Manufacturing. Kelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan. He joined Tiara Yacht’s Engineering Department in 1999 and was promoted to Lamination Manufacturing Manager in 2004. “Kelly has demonstrated that he is an exceptional leader by designing and implementing lean manufacturing processes that have increased productivity in several areas,” stated Bob Slikkers.

Tiara Yachts is also pleased to announce that Tim Slikkers will replace Kelly Slikkers as the Lamination Manufacturing Manager. Tim completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Operations Engineering, as well as his Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Michigan. Tim joined Tiara Yachts as a Manufacturing Engineer in 2002 and shortly after that he was promoted to Group Leader in the Assembly area. In 2005 Tim was promoted to Assistant Manufacturing Manager. “Tim has proven that he is an excellent leader and manager by playing an important role in initiatives related to our recent plant expansion,” said Bob Slikkers. “We are excited about the new roles for both Kelly and Tim and we are confident that they have the ability to continue to drive success in our manufacturing organization into the future.”