December 28, 2009 – Holland, MI, USA - Amidst an industry environment not particularly conducive to R&D and product introductions, Tiara Yachts announces the launch of the all-new 4300 Open. This new flagship for the company’s most representative product segment reflects traditional Tiara timeless style and fine craftsmanship in a serious deepwater fishing and/or cruising performer. This all-new model features mezzanine aft cockpit seating, fish or cruise hardtop options – each integrated to the windshield to maximize visibility, large sky light inviting ample natural light to the interior and an allnew interior design. This new model also continues the company’s ‘stealth’ efforts in that the boat is among the quietest within its class – making it that much more comfortable for captain and crew.

“The 4200 Open has long been one of the finest performing and selling models within our lineup. With the new 4300 Open we have included all of what our customers love about the 4200 into a larger package with state of the art technology and owner comforts”, notes Robert Slikkers, President. Christened within the Tiara Yachts convention center display during the Miami International Boat Show, the 4300 Open is ready for fishing, cruising, or both, and will arrive at a Tiara dealership soon.

Tiara Yachts is headquartered in Holland, Michigan. Products include Open, Sovran and Convertible models with inboard power from 30 to 58 feet. Tiara Yachts and Pursuit Boats are subsidiaries of S2 Yachts, Inc., which was founded in 1974. S2 Yachts, Inc. is one of the oldest privately held boat manufacturers in the United States.