The Innovative Tiara Series

Cruising the coast. Day-tripping across open water. The Tiara Series delivers enviable versatility, durability and style with optional fishing and cruising features allowing you to boat how you want to boat. The innovative Tiara Series introduces smartly designed boats that deliver the classic and timeless Tiara style. And, like every Tiara, that style is built on an unmatched heritage of American Made quality, strength and performance designed to give you an experience unlike any other. One carefree day on the water after another.

A luxurious array of features include abundant seating, contemporary fabric options, custom paint colors, and state-of-the-art electronics from Garmin. The most remarkable feature, however, may be the return on investment you feel every time you hit the water.


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Choose from three distinctive models including the 31, 39 and 43. The Tiara Series combines the heritage of Tiara Yachts with elegance, style and performance. Technological advances and sophisticated features that accompany the Tiara Series compliment the distinctive American style that takes your breath away.